Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Feature #13 - LittleOneBoutique

**Great quality and super cute doesn't always have to carry a high price tag!!**

This says it all in LittleOneBoutique's shop description. This shop has it all as far as birthday attire. Clothing, birthday hats, birthday jewelry,hairbows, it is all here. Not just for little girls either, her boy items are must see also. The boys "Superman" shirts are awesome!

I have a thing for the brown cupcake tee. This shirt is so girly and sweet! It features lots of pink ruffles atop the cupcake. Love it! The first birthday bracelet and bow are also some of my favorites. Both of these items are perfect for a little princess.

If you need that special something for your little boy or girl's birthday attire, this is the shop to see


  1. Very cute...I will have to visit you closer to my dd's 2nd birthday

  2. These are TOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing. I especially love that little bow. :D