Monday, August 31, 2009


This stamp is what started me on my journey to Collageartstudio. I searched the term "Papa Bear"(thats what I used to call my Grandpa) and this cute stamp came up as a result. I found this wonderful stamp, but I also found a shop full of beautiful items.

I borrowed an excerpt from Jeanne's shop profile to get a little more background on the lady behind the shop. In her own words:

"I am a wife, mother, artist from the Midwest who enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, decorating, listening to music, sipping lattes, hanging out at art museums, and cruisin' in my VW Beetle."

Sounds like a great lady to me! Cruisin' in the VW sounds great!

All of Jeanne's collage work is beautiful. I am rather fond of the "Bathing Beauties" tag. The tag is from my her "Summer At The Beach" series and features a copy of a vintage photo of 2 bathing beauties, layered papers, both new and vintage, a variety of vintage braided trims, shells, button, beads, a touch of glitter and is finished off with pretty fibers and ribbon through the hole. The back is covered in blue scroll patterned paper and the word "SUMMER" - 1"x 3/4" - typed out on an old vintage typewriter. It is gorgeous.

The Green Rose plates are so pretty. They are a set of four 8-inch bone china plates by Royal Albert. These beauties are are green with magenta, pink, and yellow roses and rimmed in gold.
These would be wonderful to use at a tea party!

Visit her shop at

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Beautiful jewelry with a classic flair is what comes to mind as I start browsing Jessie's shop. Each piece is beautiful, but different from the next. Westbyron features necklaces, bracelets, and much more.

To get to know a little more about Jessie, I borrowed an excerpt from her profile.

"Just another mid-western mom, getting her craft on. Depending on the season, I knit, quilt, make stuff out of clay, paper...I string beads and bend wire. I also work for my family's vineyard, Bethel Heights in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Check us out at"

It's really hard to narrow my choices down to three after browsing Jessie's shop. All three pieces I chose would make great gifts for a special Grandma on Grandparent's Day. The Personalized Three Tag Mom Pendant is three fine silver charms, hand-formed from precious metal clay and stamped with up to 10 letters each, hang from a sterling ball-bead chain - your choice of 16, 18, or 20 inches - longer also available. You can add a small third charm or wire-wrapped bead/stone/pearl, at no extra cost. This necklace is great to show off your favorite little ones close to your heart! The Simple Charm Bracelet is just that simple. Simple has never been so beautiful. This bracelet comes with six charms that can be personalized with grandchildrens, pets, any names you desire. The charms come in several choices of shapes also.
The Triple Your Charm Necklace is adorable. Each charm can be chosen to represent the personality of the person name put on it. Price includes up to 3 wire-wrapped birthstones, pearls, crystals or beads (any color) for no extra charge. All Jessie's fine-silver charms are hand-formed from precious metal clay.

Visit to find all this beautiful jewelry and more.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Clayful Creations and other fun things by Becky

I have found a new favorite shop! Clayful Creations has the cutest clay sculptures! Becky also has some great non-clay items too!

Let's get to know her better and then we will explore her awesome shop! I asked Becky for some information about her, this was her response:

"I just LOVE polymer clay! I love to challenge myself with new ideas and techniques. Sometimes the work, sometimes they don't, but it's always fun trying. The smaller I can make something and keep the level of detail that I'm a bit obsessive about is what gives me the most satisfaction. I've always been drawn to miniatures and being able to make them myself and have people enjoy them is so rewarding. My Survival Kits and Poops and other "non-clay" items are something I do to keep me busy when I need to take a break from my clay. As much as I love working with it, after a big holiday or really busy time, a break helps to refresh me and gets my creative juices flowing. But, since I'm kind of a workaholic, I have to stay busy and I love graphics work so the kits and things satisfy that part of my creative side....that's about it for about me :-)"

My search for gift ideas for Grandparent's Day brought me to her shop. I found something for that and so much more! Her survival kits are sure to bring a smile to their recipients. I especially like the one made for grandparents. It includes nine small items that are listed on the adorable card included.

Her clay sculptures are amazing. Some so small with such intricate detail! One of my favorites is "Flower Power Penelope". She is one of many from Becky's Calendar Girl series of collectibles.Penelope is hand sculpted from Polymer Clay and she's loaded with details!! She'd make an adorable addition to any Doll Collection or just to enjoy because she's sure to make you smile! Penelope's dress has a tiny Flower pattern - and she's holding 2 flowers that are dangling from a wire. Each Girl is signed, dated and has her name on the bottom.

Clayful Creations jewelry is a must see also! One of my favorites are the Patriotic Stars earrings.
Featuring stars in red, white, and blue. These are truly festive!

Check out all the fun things at

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sunburst Outdoor Decor - A Splash of Personality for your Home and Garden

"A Splash of Personality for your Home and Garden" on the shop banner says it all. Everything in Jamie's shop does exactly that.

offers unique handpainted concrete, stone, terra cotta, and most recently, primitive wood items to dress up your home and garden. Everything Jamie paints is made with Patio Paint-A very durable water/weather/UV proof acrylic paint. All items will hold up in the harshest of conditions.

Before exploring the shop further, let's get to know some more about Jamie. I asked her for a little background information and this was her response.

"I am a mom of one little girl who just started 2nd grade. I live in sunny Arizona and have been here almost 8 years. I am originally from Southern Idaho and come from a crafty family. My mom has always sewed and done needlework and that kind of thing. My dad is an awesome woodworker, and can build just about anything. My mom is the one who started me off painting. She signed me up for a Tole Painting class at the College for Kids summer program at the College of Southern Idaho when I was about 10 or 11 and I have been hooked ever since. I have always had a strange attraction to rocks and bricks and patio pavers-they just look like a great surface to do something with. About 6 years ago I found a book of patterns for the Patio People by Maureen Hart and had one of those 'Ah-Ha!' moments. Soon I had painted a whole garage full of pavers and stones and things and haven't been able to stop. Initially I was just giving them as gifts to friends and family then started selling them locally and eventually wound up on Etsy. I love creating things and get grouchy if I dont get my 'crafty fix'! Luckily I have a very patient fiance who's been putting up with my craziness for all these years."

I asked which items were her favorites for Grandparents Day and she choose the same three I did! Her whole line of Patio People are a must see! The Grandpa and Grandma ones are adorable! Complete with "#1 Grandpa/Grandma" on the front! All of her signs are wonderful! She paints them for many occasions and themes. The "Grandmas are Moms with Lots of Frosting" is so pretty! It has a pretty cute saying but the purple and pink colors on it are so bright and beautiful. Everyone can get a chuckle from the "Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your kids" sign! These are just a small sample of all the great items at Sunburst Outdoor Decor.

To find these and all Jamie's great creations, visit: and don't forget to check out her second shop

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Freckles and Friends

Since joining Etsy and meeting Cindi, I have wanted to feature her shop. It's purely coincidence how it happened for this particular occasion though. I am running some features for Grandparent's Day and was doing some searches for shops and items I would like to include. Thinking about my late grandparents I searched "Papa Bear" (what I called my maternal grandfather) and Freckles and Friends showed up. Cindi had created a perfect little bear family! Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear. I'll tell you more about them later.

First I would like you to get to know Cindi better. Here is a little about her in her own words:
"I have spent much of my adult life with either a pen in hand recording what I see and hear and feel or behind the lens of a camera shooting what lies in front of me. It wasn’t until just recently that I inexplicably found myself returning to my roots – my love of fabric and design and the desire to do something truly tactile. I applied the skills and experience I inherited from my Mom, which she and her sisters inherited from their Mom; and began creating simple, but soft and loveable stuffed animals. Although I doubt I’ll ever reach my Mom’s level of skill – who at 91 years young still sews every day and often without a pattern – I absolutely love what I am doing.

As a little girl I grew up on a farm and being somewhat isolated, my stuffed animals became my best friends. They were my own little family to nurture. And now with my own two sons grown, I find such happiness creating families and best friends for others – children of all ages. The unexpected joy really has been the stories that come back to me once my little animals are “adopted” and become a part of a new family. Who knew spreading happiness could be so easy? :)

But it always comes back to one thing. Family."

Her stuffed animals are awesome. Each created with the utmost detail and care! Of course my favorites are the Bear Family. Papa Bear is 14” tall (while seated); Mama Bear is 11” tall (while seated) and Baby Bear is only 9” tall (while seated). All seams are reinforced to hold up to a lot of cuddling. Papa Bear is a chocolatety brown color, Mama Bear is a pretty floral print, and cute Baby Bear is a soft baby blue. They can be purchased together or separately. Another favorite of mine is Lucy the Lamb. She is made of a soft pink and white polka dot fabric with a cute handstitched heart.

Freckles and Friends has just recently debuted a new line. The are the Wee Ones. These little critters are adorable! My favorite is Phineus the Wee Little Frog. He measures only five inches tall! He is machine washable/dryable, as are all of the Freckles and Friends creations. Every friend is delivered in their own sleeping bag (which doubles as a gift bag) and personalized gift notes are available upon request.

To see all these cuddly friends visit

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"Mandy's Wall Candy - Sweet nothings for your wall"

These signs are great! Everything is custom made so any of the wording can be changed and personalized. Any color of paint can be done and there are many choices for vinyl. Totally making it a gift from your heart.

Amanda creates signs for every occasion or decor. She has signs for children's rooms, laundry rooms, and much more. If you can dream it up, she can make it. Her creations are not limited to wall hangings, she also does vinyl wall art.

Her Grandparent themed signs are what brought me to her shop. My personal favorite is "There is No Place Like Home...Except at Grandma and Grandpas. These are perfect gifts for Grandparents Day or anytime of the year!

I asked Amanda for a little background, this was her response:

"I am happily married and reside in League City, Texas. I started this company from scratch last fall and didn't know anything about vinyl. Since then I have come to love making gifts that come from people's hearts. We have four beautiful little girls who mean everything to us!"

Visit to find all these treasures!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Want to find the perfect gift for Grandparent's Day? Head on over to Hollyslay and check out her awesome Personalized Hand-painted Family and Grandparents Platters! Each one is personalized with your family's faces and names!

Holly need a few details when creating one of these special gifts. They are:

1. Title of platter (example: Granna's Blooms, Ma & Pa's Angels, Mom's Crew)
2. List of people to be featured on the platter including names, approximate age, hair color and style, eye color and any special details (glasses, pony-tail, hair bows, etc.)
3. Inscription for the back of the platter (Merry Christmas, 2007! Love, Holly, Jeff & Randy)
4. Special colors you'd like included in the lettering and background

All her pottery is kiln fired, food-safe, lead-free, dishwasher & microwave safe.

I asked Holly for a little background on herself. She is the mother to two precious girls, Ellie (age 5) and Abby (10-1/2 mos). She has been painting for over 12 years and all her pieces are hand painted in her basement studio and fired in her own kiln.

Hollyslay also features personalized note card sets. There are set for teachers, babies, and much more. Check these out also at

Monday, August 24, 2009


What first brought me to Snarlamama's shop was the "Behind all these Great Kids is a Great Grandma" shirt. It is an adorable shirt. The shirt is available in long or short sleeve and three different colors. The hair and eye color can be customized for each grandchild. This is a great gift idea for grandparents!

Jeni is a great artist! Not only is she a great artist, she is a high school art teacher and mother to two boys! Her artistic talent is seen throughout her shop.

Her hand-painted Halloween treat bags are a must see!
They are shown in three different designs in her shop, but she will also do a custom design if that is what you desire. The canvas bags come in your choice of three sizes. The "Cats Eyes" is my favorite. They can also be personalized with a name. These are perfect gifts for any child or grandchild!

Commissioned portraits are also available for Snarlamama. Each detailed and realistic painting is done in oils, drawn from your favorite photo or photos. Portraits are 11" x 14" and on canvas, not paper or board! Order early, as the holidays will be here before you know it. The portrait takes 2-4 weeks to complete from date of sale.

To see all Jeni's great creations visit If you mention you saw her feature on this blog you can get $2 off any order!

Grandparents Day shopping:)

Grandparents Day is September 13. While looking for gifts for my little girls grandparents I discovered some great shops. Over the next ten days or so I will be featuring them. I hope you enjoy visiting them as much as I did!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recent additions to The3Maries

I love finding vintage treasures! I have found quite a few interesting books to add to The3Maries shelves.

"The New Baby" is such a cute book. The entire story of the new addition to the mouse family is told in pictures. Little and big kids can enjoy this one!

"Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Rainy Day Circus" is a charming Little Golden Book story about those two adorable dolls from our childhood. I recently discovered a small Raggedy Ann doll at a local thrift store and my ten month old daughter loves it!

"The Gateway to Storyland" is an awesome collection of children's stories. There are twelve favorites within its pages including: The Gingerbread Boy, Three Little Kittens, Chicken Little, and many more!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Double the treasures! - Cabinwindows and Northernlodge

Cabinwindows and Northernlodge are two wonderful shops on Etsy that I am was so excited to discover, but let's get to know their owner Patti first.

I asked Patti about herself, here are some random facts:

"1) I am a Biologist in my real life. My dad was a naturalist before it was cool to be one-so we were all raised to be stewards of our planet-so that is one reason why I try to create or sell responsibly. I've been exploring using upcycled wools in my pillows (kitty love pillow, and Harvest series pillows on Northernlodge are examples. selling antiques or vintage things has less impact on our planet's resources.

2)I grew up on an island in the middle of Rainy lake. We lived in cabins with no electricity or running water-so simple has always resonated with me

3)I love antique collecting because you learn so much doing the research about items you find-I live in old cabin-built in 1926-which I've decorated with vintage/antiques I use ALL my antiques daily-nothing is "just for looks"

4)I donate a large portion of what I make to our relatives on Pine Ridge Indian reservation-times are tough there."

Cabinwindows features great vintage items. As the shop description says:
"Peek into cabin windows and see what wonderful treasures await you. Cabin Windows is full of vintage items with plenty of primitive appeal." I love the collection of vintage in Cabinwindows and quickly found two favorites. The Rose Vase with matching plate is simply beautiful. The detail and colors give it a true victorian feel. The Retro Tablecloth is a must for any retro decor. The turquoise, brown, and gold colors in the floral pattern are still so vivid.

Northernlodge features vintage, antiques, lodge, primitive, seasonal,and spiritual items . Many of the items here reflect Patti's love of nature. I simply love her "Where the Wild Things Are" 3pc. set! The set features a quilt, bib, and sleeper. The one picture has a wolf theme, but she can also make it with with almost any animal track requested-to include moose, deer, cougar, coyote, cat, dog, name it. This is truly a special handmade set! Northernlodge also has many beautiful afghans. My favorite is the Ecru boucle afghan. Just looking at it makes me want to cuddle up on the couch!
To find more great items besides these I've mentioned, visit : and

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The jewelry at ChipmunkHollow is amazing. Jan has so many pieces to choose from. The way she uses metal in her pieces is truly unique.

I asked Jan to tell a little about herself and this was her response:

"Nine years ago, on my 50th birthday, I was visiting my daughter who lives in Hawaii. She had made jewelry for years....I never had. She had pulled out all of her beads and was working on a piece. She said "Mom....why don't you make something." I did. I've been hooked ever since.

When I first started out I did a lot of bead work but that was before it was so amazingly popular and everyone started doing it. Then a couple of years ago I took a class in metal crafting. I knew right away that I loved working with metal...sawing, filing, hammering,etc. Right now my favorite things to make are stamped jewelry. I love the process of coming up with ideas, then putting them to paper, then creating the actual piece. It is very rewarding personally when it all comes together and I am happy with the finished product.

I enjoy weaving, gardening, scrap booking,being with my hubby,camping,cooking,hiking,and spending time on the computer. I have a blog at

I have many current favorites in my shop, but living in Wisconsin my most recent favorite is a University of Wisconsin stamped necklace with the students name and school colors. It is a fun piece for someone going off to college or even an alumnus. Of course it could be any school name and colors!"

I quickly spotted three favorites from her shop. The Two Souls necklace is a real attention grabber! This pendant has been hand sawed from 22 gauge sterling silver sheet metal, filed, stamped with a designer lowercase font, hammered, tumbled, lightly oxidized and brushed. Two birthstone crystals are included of the buyers choice. As far as team necklaces, ChipmunkHollow has a wide variety of teams. Being a big Green Bay Packers fan, the Packers necklace was the one for me! This necklace is made from two sterling silver discs, one measuring 1/2" which has the word 'GO' stamped on it. The larger 3/4" sterling silver disc is stamped with the word 'PACKERS'. It also includes two birthstone gems in green and gold. Lastly, the Oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings with Rhyolite accents are just beautiful! These are featured for pierced ears, but can be made for non pierced ears!

To find all these treasures and more visit

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


ButterflyGems specializes in children's jewelry. Alicia is so good at what she does. The detail on each piece is amazing! Her shop also features adorable hairbows, cute childrens clothing and shoes and many more items. This is a shop really easy to fall in love with!

To get to know Alicia a little better, I borrowed an excerpt from her shop profile:

"I am Alicia {Mommy of 2 Handsome Boys and 3 Sweet Gal's} from Alabama. Three of my sweet feet are under the age of three years of age LOL {This too Shall pass}. My passion for Creating Unique Jewelry and Hair Accessories is where ButterflyGem was born and I love creating new and unique quality items to complete whatever your Princess may want to Shine in. I Pride Myself in Awesome Customer Service and Quality Long Lasting Items! You can Check out My 100% Feedback Here on Etsy! :)"

I fell in love with her entire shop. It was hard to pick just a few pieces to highlight. First I chose the Irish Dancing Girl Shamrock necklace. The center piece is made of polymer clay and the necklace strand is loaded with crystals and beads. This is sold as an adult piece. The Purple Dots Bowband was my next pick. This Beautiful Bowband has many layers of beautiful grosgrain ribbon attached to a stretchy purple lacy crotchet headband. I love ladybugs and so does my little girl so the Ladybug Bracelet was natural choice. Adorable featuring three different colored ladybugs and lot of colorful beads.

This is just a small sample of what ButterflyGems has to offer. Check this great shop out at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dalkullan Jewelry

Dalkullan Jewelry is a must see jewelry shop! Heather creates such a variety of gorgeous pieces.

To let you get to know Heather and her shop a little better, I took an excerpt from her shop profile:

"Hi! My name is Heather, and I love jewelry -- it's beauty, it's utility in brightening our lives (and our wardrobes!), and that it can be passed from mother to daughter; a little piece of history, joy and a sign of love. I try to infuse that passion in the jewelry I create.

My education is in physics. I worked at the world's most powerful particle accelerator before becoming a stay-home Mom. I enjoy gardening, woodworking, embroidery, reading, sailing and of course, jewelry design and crafting.

My store name, Dalkullan means a "girl from Dalarne" a province in Sweden, which is where my Aunt was born. For years she ran a successful Swedish import shop in Chicago, named Dalkullan. I chose this name to honor her memory, and her and my father's courage and spirit of adventure in coming to the United States from Sweden."

Every piece of fabulous jewelry found at Dalkullan Jewelry is made with the highest quality materials. It certainly shows! I quickly found three favorites. The first piece is vintage inspired, the Retro Flair Bracelet. The red and white beads are beautiful. There is also a matching pair of earrings and if they are purchased together you get a package deal. The Hammered Brass earrings are stunning. They are totally hand fabricated. The shiny finish is such an attention getter! Heather will also make them with a brushed finish. The Carnelian Dreams Necklace is one of my most favorite pieces in her whole shop. The semi-precious carnelian and sterling silver are combined to make one amazing necklace!

Heather has so many other great pieces. To see them all visit

Monday, August 17, 2009

Vintage Feature #14 - Badgirlvintage

Badgirlvintage is one great vintage clothing store! They also carry shoes, purses, patterns, and fabric. Lot of good things to be found here.

First let us get to know to know more about Linda , the owner of this awesome shop. I asked her about her background and her love for vintage, this was her response:

"I have an absolute passion for vintage clothing. I look and touch a garment, and KNOW in my heart, it has stories to tell! Why a woman chose that particular dress: Was it her favorite color? Was it for a special occasion.? Was it for a first date or an anniversary, honeymoon, wedding, etc. ? And, the war time dresses...I've had at least 4 that I purchased with the story attached that it was worn to meet a homecoming sweetheart...coming home from the war. I even had a blue dress that was worn to get married in, then worn out to their wedding dinner only to be put away upon hearing the worst only 8 months later. So you see, saving these beautiful items, preserving them, and allowing someone to once again live in them and enjoy them, it's very special to me. They all have a story and they all have stories that are coming. To me, vintage is the past, the present and the future."

I am truly in love with this store. I have always loved the fashions of the 40's and 50's. Linda has so much to select from! I spotted a unique 1940's Vintage Blossom Hat. It is black felt with sequin design and a felt bow on each side. Next was an Antique Victorian Dress. The dress is so beautiful. Yellow in color with black lace trim, it is a must see! My last find was a 1940's R and K Original Swing Dress. It is a beautiful brown and coral color. The dress features 3/4 sleeves and brown cord trim at the neck. A really great find!

Starting the end of August, Linda will be listing some terrific Fall, Winter and Holiday vintage garments. Check out her entire store at

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vintage Feature #13 - Auntsuesoldnewlovely

Sue has been like a mentor to me since starting on Etsy. She is one of the most helpful and nice people you will ever meet. Any question I have asked, she has answered. No matter how crazy! Everyone, in my opinion, should get to know Sue and her shop. When asked about her background, this was her response:

"The vintage bug bit me many years ago in the 60's when Ma started selling antiques.
I would help her set up at flea markets in Woodstock,Stormville and Maybrook,NY. I am now selling the last of her inventory. She taught me how to pack things well, I wish I had gleaned her knowledge of Depression Glass.
We are in our 20th year of homeschooling and selling on etsy is a great way to be with my family and helping with our income as well."

Auntsuesoldnewlovely has one of the largest inventories of vintage items that I have found as of yet. Currently stocking over 500 items, there is a bit of anything and everthing you could imagine. From old photos, supplies, jewelry, to household items, it is here! I discovered three awesome items while browsing. First was this glamorous lavender felt hat. It was designed by Lilly Dache. Dache was the most famous milliner in the United States during her time. A lovely bright blue majolica sauceboat and plate grabbed my attention next. Made by Crown Devon, it dates from the late 1800's to the early 1900's and is in excellent condition with a fine even crazing all over. Lastly, I fell in love with a handpainted vintage floral sugarbowl. It has very unique handles and features a very pretty floral design.

Be sure to check this awesome shop out! Right now there are drastically reduced prices on 1930's bedspread sets, Murano art glass,and more.

Make sure to read her profile and the history behind her banner. I love this quote from her profile:

"P.S. Your husband just sent me a convo, he said, go ahead and buy whatever you like. :>)"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vintage Feature #12 - ddb7

If you are looking for a great wood works and
collectibles shop, you have found it at Dan's Wuud Werx and Collectibles. Dan is such a nice seller who really values his family and friends. Here is a little more about Dan in his own words:

I am from Upstate Central NY, a 53 yr old young grandfather of two who loves to putter with buying and selling, which I have done my whole life. I actually went to 100's of auctions when a was a young boy with my grandfather. Pretty much where I began to learn "the art". I love to go "junking" and "sailing"( as we call it) to garage/estate sales and auctions. I love to take specialty photos of my listings. I do love my woodcraft creations in which I have many compliments on. Squirrel Feeders, Bluebird Houses, Pet Buffet Feeders just to name a few. We cater to the creatures! I try to participate in 10 craft/fleamart shows a year, especially the outdoor events which are precious here in NY!

My real love is for sports in general which I love to attend and watch, mainly football & baseball. I love collectibles and have 1000's of cards! Yes, I did "the other site" for years-but got tired of it. I truly love all the Etsy friends that I have made,its just like an extended family. The support shown with help and ideas is amazing!"

The is so much to see in Dan's shop! I quickly found items that I feel in love with! There is a suitcase style goldtone purse that you just have to see! The details of the floral design on it are stunning. Another great piece is the Helena Rubenstein compact with mirror. Again a piece with a beautiful floral design, this time featuring a nice blue color. Lastly, I found a great pin. It is a highly detailed design in a musical saxophone shape. Truly unique, made by Lang and made of sterling silver. Dan's woodwork is must see too!

To find all these great items and more visit

Dan is a proud member of the Upstate CNY Etsy Team.