Thursday, August 27, 2009

Freckles and Friends

Since joining Etsy and meeting Cindi, I have wanted to feature her shop. It's purely coincidence how it happened for this particular occasion though. I am running some features for Grandparent's Day and was doing some searches for shops and items I would like to include. Thinking about my late grandparents I searched "Papa Bear" (what I called my maternal grandfather) and Freckles and Friends showed up. Cindi had created a perfect little bear family! Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear. I'll tell you more about them later.

First I would like you to get to know Cindi better. Here is a little about her in her own words:
"I have spent much of my adult life with either a pen in hand recording what I see and hear and feel or behind the lens of a camera shooting what lies in front of me. It wasn’t until just recently that I inexplicably found myself returning to my roots – my love of fabric and design and the desire to do something truly tactile. I applied the skills and experience I inherited from my Mom, which she and her sisters inherited from their Mom; and began creating simple, but soft and loveable stuffed animals. Although I doubt I’ll ever reach my Mom’s level of skill – who at 91 years young still sews every day and often without a pattern – I absolutely love what I am doing.

As a little girl I grew up on a farm and being somewhat isolated, my stuffed animals became my best friends. They were my own little family to nurture. And now with my own two sons grown, I find such happiness creating families and best friends for others – children of all ages. The unexpected joy really has been the stories that come back to me once my little animals are “adopted” and become a part of a new family. Who knew spreading happiness could be so easy? :)

But it always comes back to one thing. Family."

Her stuffed animals are awesome. Each created with the utmost detail and care! Of course my favorites are the Bear Family. Papa Bear is 14” tall (while seated); Mama Bear is 11” tall (while seated) and Baby Bear is only 9” tall (while seated). All seams are reinforced to hold up to a lot of cuddling. Papa Bear is a chocolatety brown color, Mama Bear is a pretty floral print, and cute Baby Bear is a soft baby blue. They can be purchased together or separately. Another favorite of mine is Lucy the Lamb. She is made of a soft pink and white polka dot fabric with a cute handstitched heart.

Freckles and Friends has just recently debuted a new line. The are the Wee Ones. These little critters are adorable! My favorite is Phineus the Wee Little Frog. He measures only five inches tall! He is machine washable/dryable, as are all of the Freckles and Friends creations. Every friend is delivered in their own sleeping bag (which doubles as a gift bag) and personalized gift notes are available upon request.

To see all these cuddly friends visit


  1. They're fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great shop!! Love the green one! Wonderful feature.

  3. jennifer - what a wonderful piece! thank you SO much for featuring my shop. i'm humbled ~ and very grateful! thank you!!! and thank you noomie, gran'ma and audrey for your kind words! hugs all around, i say! :)

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