Thursday, August 20, 2009


The jewelry at ChipmunkHollow is amazing. Jan has so many pieces to choose from. The way she uses metal in her pieces is truly unique.

I asked Jan to tell a little about herself and this was her response:

"Nine years ago, on my 50th birthday, I was visiting my daughter who lives in Hawaii. She had made jewelry for years....I never had. She had pulled out all of her beads and was working on a piece. She said "Mom....why don't you make something." I did. I've been hooked ever since.

When I first started out I did a lot of bead work but that was before it was so amazingly popular and everyone started doing it. Then a couple of years ago I took a class in metal crafting. I knew right away that I loved working with metal...sawing, filing, hammering,etc. Right now my favorite things to make are stamped jewelry. I love the process of coming up with ideas, then putting them to paper, then creating the actual piece. It is very rewarding personally when it all comes together and I am happy with the finished product.

I enjoy weaving, gardening, scrap booking,being with my hubby,camping,cooking,hiking,and spending time on the computer. I have a blog at

I have many current favorites in my shop, but living in Wisconsin my most recent favorite is a University of Wisconsin stamped necklace with the students name and school colors. It is a fun piece for someone going off to college or even an alumnus. Of course it could be any school name and colors!"

I quickly spotted three favorites from her shop. The Two Souls necklace is a real attention grabber! This pendant has been hand sawed from 22 gauge sterling silver sheet metal, filed, stamped with a designer lowercase font, hammered, tumbled, lightly oxidized and brushed. Two birthstone crystals are included of the buyers choice. As far as team necklaces, ChipmunkHollow has a wide variety of teams. Being a big Green Bay Packers fan, the Packers necklace was the one for me! This necklace is made from two sterling silver discs, one measuring 1/2" which has the word 'GO' stamped on it. The larger 3/4" sterling silver disc is stamped with the word 'PACKERS'. It also includes two birthstone gems in green and gold. Lastly, the Oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings with Rhyolite accents are just beautiful! These are featured for pierced ears, but can be made for non pierced ears!

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  1. Nice jewellery...and so nice that you and your daughter have this craft in common now...