Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vintage Feature #10 - MrFilthyRotten

Don't let the name fool you, there is nothing rotten about Tony. He loves life and I just love his shop! Once you get to know him and his shop, I know you will too!

To get more about him, I have included his own description of himself from his shop profile. "I'm a wild and crazy person. I love old things. I like oddball things. Kitschy stuff. Fun stuff. I try to prove there's a buyer for everything lol! I love to make things and hope to put up some of my off-the-wall creations soon.

I love to cook. Italian food! I love my panini maker. I couldn't live without it. I love everything and everyone! I love bananas. I drive people bananas at times. Especially my brother. I love him too. Check out my items. Check out his items. He's MrFilthyRich. No kidding.

I've decided to add some of my favorite things. Just like Oprah. Only you don't get one of each lol! Hope you enjoy my list. Items are in no particular order, but as they come to mind. I'll add more and probably subtract some if it starts getting too long. Who knows? We may have something in common! Smoochies for everyone who stops by!

My favorite things:

linguine with white clam sauce
the smell of freshly printed paper
greta van susteren
michael buble
norah jones
spinach pizza
late nights
freshly laundered sheets
flip flops
the animal channel
murder mysteries
my country
Bob Grant
my tricolator
1010 wins ny radio
crossword puzzles
jersey tomatoes
dried lavender
101.1 cbs fm ny radio
red pepper flakes
fruit habitrol nicotine gum
o-cel-o scrubs
seltzer water"

Mr Filthy Rotten also included this quote from an item he had (It has sold). I choose to include it becasue these are truly words to live by!

"Live in such a way, that if anyone should
speak badly of you no one will believe it!"

He has so many fun vintage things in his shop! I had a hard time deciding on favorites! The first thing I choose was a bell. It is a 1984 Hallmark Elfin. It was the 6th and final bell in the series and comes with the original box. It is a white bell with red writing with an adorable elf climbing the side. Next is a 1912 Framed Trompe L'Oeil Embroidery Sampler. It is a print that is simply beautiful , a definite must have! Lastly there was a groovy Retro 1969 Resin Mushroom wall decoration. The colors are so vivid on this piece! Definitely different from the other mushroom pieces from this era!

Don't miss this shop,
It is awesome!


  1. Nicely presented.I agree name does not fit..

  2. Darn, I wanted my own Bob Grant!
    And I love this guy's shop. :D Thank you for sharing!

  3. Quite a guy that MrF is! A great storyline for someone who is always there to help.