Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vintage Feature #9 - Angrykitty

First let's get to know a little more about Angrykitty. I asked about her background and a little more info on her shop and this was her response:

I came from a long line of hoarders. I obsessively collect. I love the hunt of yard sales and thrift stores and finding those buried treasures. I should have been a pirate. I see something I like and think "Oh I can do something with that", and then it goes in a box into the attic for years never to be seen again. I also love the look of vintage clothing. I've never been one to look like everyone else, and vintage clothing definitely has that look of not looking like everything else. And let's not overlook the quality of vintage that you just don't find in todays disposable world. Unfortunately, I'm not vintage sized most of the time. I would be so sad at the great find I would have to walk away from. When I moved about a year ago, I had to somehow fit a 3 bedroom house with attic storage into a one bedroom apartment. I was at wits end on what to do with all my stuff. That's when I decided I would share my treasures and send them off to good homes that will love them as much as I do.

I recently had my first child at 34. Selling on Etsy has provided me with the opportunity to quit my job and have a nice extended maternity leave. I can't retire on my Etsy sales, but it helps keep the bills paid and one of us home with her. We're about to become a non traditional family, he's going to be the stay at home dad and take over the shipping and photography part of Etsy.

When I'm not scouring my rural town for vintage finds, I enjoy embroidery (I love Sublime Stitching), cooking, and gardening. I also enjoy painting with oils. Very abstract and minimalistic stuff. I've been told I should list my paintings and sell them, but what can I say, I'm an artist. I'm never completely satisfied. Plus, it's more my therapy than for money.

I'm a tattooed, pierced farm girl in rural Tennessee, who had purple hair, and enjoys punk music, raising chickens, gardening, and not being part of the crowd."

Angrykitty is a great person with a wonderful shop. She has a vast selection of all kinds of vintage items. From jewelry and clothing to jewelry and household items, she has it. It was hard to pick just three favorite items. First I choose a small but very charming item: 1975 set of Owl playing cards with case. The colors on these cards date them to the 1970's alone in my opinion. Great to use in an art project or to just add to your collection. A beautiful Rogers nightgown really caught my attention. Pale in color, it features a very feminine embroidered flower detail on the bodice with delicate white lace accents. Lastly, I found this wonderful and unique planter. It is a 1959 Holt Howard figural lady head vase planter. This is something that I had never seen before. The planter is a lady's head decked out with holiday decor. This is very whimsical planter that is a must see!

There is so much more to see at


  1. 3Maries, again a nice write up on a wonderful Etsian. So happy to see Angrykitty showcased
    Anita - RollingHillsVintage

  2. Angrykitty is a nice gal - I was glad to see her profiled. That ladyhead vase she has is really unusual. (well...I guess its not a ladyhead vase because it looks more like Betty Boop :) so I guess a Boophead vase).

  3. aaaww, what a nice blog about kitty! SWEET!

  4. great storyline of a wonderful vintage seller.