Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Want to find the perfect gift for Grandparent's Day? Head on over to Hollyslay and check out her awesome Personalized Hand-painted Family and Grandparents Platters! Each one is personalized with your family's faces and names!

Holly need a few details when creating one of these special gifts. They are:

1. Title of platter (example: Granna's Blooms, Ma & Pa's Angels, Mom's Crew)
2. List of people to be featured on the platter including names, approximate age, hair color and style, eye color and any special details (glasses, pony-tail, hair bows, etc.)
3. Inscription for the back of the platter (Merry Christmas, 2007! Love, Holly, Jeff & Randy)
4. Special colors you'd like included in the lettering and background

All her pottery is kiln fired, food-safe, lead-free, dishwasher & microwave safe.

I asked Holly for a little background on herself. She is the mother to two precious girls, Ellie (age 5) and Abby (10-1/2 mos). She has been painting for over 12 years and all her pieces are hand painted in her basement studio and fired in her own kiln.

Hollyslay also features personalized note card sets. There are set for teachers, babies, and much more. Check these out also at http://hollyslay.etsy.com.

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