Saturday, August 29, 2009

Clayful Creations and other fun things by Becky

I have found a new favorite shop! Clayful Creations has the cutest clay sculptures! Becky also has some great non-clay items too!

Let's get to know her better and then we will explore her awesome shop! I asked Becky for some information about her, this was her response:

"I just LOVE polymer clay! I love to challenge myself with new ideas and techniques. Sometimes the work, sometimes they don't, but it's always fun trying. The smaller I can make something and keep the level of detail that I'm a bit obsessive about is what gives me the most satisfaction. I've always been drawn to miniatures and being able to make them myself and have people enjoy them is so rewarding. My Survival Kits and Poops and other "non-clay" items are something I do to keep me busy when I need to take a break from my clay. As much as I love working with it, after a big holiday or really busy time, a break helps to refresh me and gets my creative juices flowing. But, since I'm kind of a workaholic, I have to stay busy and I love graphics work so the kits and things satisfy that part of my creative side....that's about it for about me :-)"

My search for gift ideas for Grandparent's Day brought me to her shop. I found something for that and so much more! Her survival kits are sure to bring a smile to their recipients. I especially like the one made for grandparents. It includes nine small items that are listed on the adorable card included.

Her clay sculptures are amazing. Some so small with such intricate detail! One of my favorites is "Flower Power Penelope". She is one of many from Becky's Calendar Girl series of collectibles.Penelope is hand sculpted from Polymer Clay and she's loaded with details!! She'd make an adorable addition to any Doll Collection or just to enjoy because she's sure to make you smile! Penelope's dress has a tiny Flower pattern - and she's holding 2 flowers that are dangling from a wire. Each Girl is signed, dated and has her name on the bottom.

Clayful Creations jewelry is a must see also! One of my favorites are the Patriotic Stars earrings.
Featuring stars in red, white, and blue. These are truly festive!

Check out all the fun things at


  1. Those earrings are just too cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing her shop. I love her ice cream sandwich earrings.