Monday, August 3, 2009

Vintage Feature #1 - Comfuzzled

Good morning readers, I would like you to get to know a great vintage seller on Etsy. Meet Comfuzzled.
I asked her to give me a little background on herself. This was her great response.

"Vintage is kind of a family gig...when I was 14 Mom started working in the charitable second-hand store business. By the time my daughter, Maddi was born 10 years later, Mom was district manager for the thrift stores that supported the Union Mission. When I'd have to work, I would drop Mad off with Mom...even as a toddler, Maddi would spend most of her days among vintage treasures.

Mom retired in '05, but she is definitely the walking encyclopedia of mentor and my closest friend. Maddi is 13 now and she has a great eye for vintage that is fun and that teens can relate to. So they are the Mentor and the Muse! I worked as a civilian in Iraq on 2 separate occasions and Mom cared for Mad while I was they are totally bonded. The beauty of Comfuzzled is that I'm bonding with them again after being far away for long periods of time. It really feels very full-circle!

It's funny...Mom can't believe how much some of these pieces are worth! We have so much fun researching...:)"

I,The3Maries, can relate to the 3 generations of vintage lovers. My mom and I take my infant daughter with us already when we go on our "treasure hunts". Comfuzzled's shop has many treasures itself. It was hard for me to pick three favorites for this feature. First I choose the Holly Hobbie Coffee Pot. It features Holly in her classic and rare blue dress. It is dated 1973. Second I had to pick a book, you know me! The Little Engine that Could is such a great book and this copy is from 1961!
The bronze salt and pepper shakers are definitely an eye catcher. They are circa 1960's and come with an underplate.

This shop is not limited to the items that I have mentioned. You will find many wonderful items here


  1. From my 3 to your 3...thanks so much for featuring Comfuzzled! What a wonderful write up...can't wait to show it off!


  2. Love vintage. Nice feature!

  3. Lovely Vintage, specially the first one!

  4. I love your write-up on Juli and her special shop. She's a neat person and a wonderful promoter of vintage!
    Anita - RollingHillsVintage