Friday, August 28, 2009

Sunburst Outdoor Decor - A Splash of Personality for your Home and Garden

"A Splash of Personality for your Home and Garden" on the shop banner says it all. Everything in Jamie's shop does exactly that.

offers unique handpainted concrete, stone, terra cotta, and most recently, primitive wood items to dress up your home and garden. Everything Jamie paints is made with Patio Paint-A very durable water/weather/UV proof acrylic paint. All items will hold up in the harshest of conditions.

Before exploring the shop further, let's get to know some more about Jamie. I asked her for a little background information and this was her response.

"I am a mom of one little girl who just started 2nd grade. I live in sunny Arizona and have been here almost 8 years. I am originally from Southern Idaho and come from a crafty family. My mom has always sewed and done needlework and that kind of thing. My dad is an awesome woodworker, and can build just about anything. My mom is the one who started me off painting. She signed me up for a Tole Painting class at the College for Kids summer program at the College of Southern Idaho when I was about 10 or 11 and I have been hooked ever since. I have always had a strange attraction to rocks and bricks and patio pavers-they just look like a great surface to do something with. About 6 years ago I found a book of patterns for the Patio People by Maureen Hart and had one of those 'Ah-Ha!' moments. Soon I had painted a whole garage full of pavers and stones and things and haven't been able to stop. Initially I was just giving them as gifts to friends and family then started selling them locally and eventually wound up on Etsy. I love creating things and get grouchy if I dont get my 'crafty fix'! Luckily I have a very patient fiance who's been putting up with my craziness for all these years."

I asked which items were her favorites for Grandparents Day and she choose the same three I did! Her whole line of Patio People are a must see! The Grandpa and Grandma ones are adorable! Complete with "#1 Grandpa/Grandma" on the front! All of her signs are wonderful! She paints them for many occasions and themes. The "Grandmas are Moms with Lots of Frosting" is so pretty! It has a pretty cute saying but the purple and pink colors on it are so bright and beautiful. Everyone can get a chuckle from the "Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your kids" sign! These are just a small sample of all the great items at Sunburst Outdoor Decor.

To find these and all Jamie's great creations, visit: and don't forget to check out her second shop