Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vintage Feature #13 - Auntsuesoldnewlovely

Sue has been like a mentor to me since starting on Etsy. She is one of the most helpful and nice people you will ever meet. Any question I have asked, she has answered. No matter how crazy! Everyone, in my opinion, should get to know Sue and her shop. When asked about her background, this was her response:

"The vintage bug bit me many years ago in the 60's when Ma started selling antiques.
I would help her set up at flea markets in Woodstock,Stormville and Maybrook,NY. I am now selling the last of her inventory. She taught me how to pack things well, I wish I had gleaned her knowledge of Depression Glass.
We are in our 20th year of homeschooling and selling on etsy is a great way to be with my family and helping with our income as well."

Auntsuesoldnewlovely has one of the largest inventories of vintage items that I have found as of yet. Currently stocking over 500 items, there is a bit of anything and everthing you could imagine. From old photos, supplies, jewelry, to household items, it is here! I discovered three awesome items while browsing. First was this glamorous lavender felt hat. It was designed by Lilly Dache. Dache was the most famous milliner in the United States during her time. A lovely bright blue majolica sauceboat and plate grabbed my attention next. Made by Crown Devon, it dates from the late 1800's to the early 1900's and is in excellent condition with a fine even crazing all over. Lastly, I fell in love with a handpainted vintage floral sugarbowl. It has very unique handles and features a very pretty floral design.

Be sure to check this awesome shop out! Right now there are drastically reduced prices on 1930's bedspread sets, Murano art glass,and more.

Make sure to read her profile and the history behind her banner. I love this quote from her profile:

"P.S. Your husband just sent me a convo, he said, go ahead and buy whatever you like. :>)"


  1. An excellent article about a fun and supportive lady. Sue is a Top-notch Etsian with loads of support on the vintage forum. You want her help and advice-you got it!

  2. Sue is definitely a pillar of the Etsy vintage her and love this feature!! I'm loving that hat, btw!

    <3 Comfuzzled

  3. This is so cool!
    Thanks so much for featuring me!!!

  4. Great vintage features! I would love it if you would feature me too. :)

  5. opps...I mean here:

    (it's late here in Berlin! :) )

  6. Sue is a sweetheart. She has helped me since I started on Etsy. Her shop is full of so many treasures, it is fun to browse, you will always see something you missed previously.
    Anita - Rolling Hills Vintage