Monday, August 17, 2009

Vintage Feature #14 - Badgirlvintage

Badgirlvintage is one great vintage clothing store! They also carry shoes, purses, patterns, and fabric. Lot of good things to be found here.

First let us get to know to know more about Linda , the owner of this awesome shop. I asked her about her background and her love for vintage, this was her response:

"I have an absolute passion for vintage clothing. I look and touch a garment, and KNOW in my heart, it has stories to tell! Why a woman chose that particular dress: Was it her favorite color? Was it for a special occasion.? Was it for a first date or an anniversary, honeymoon, wedding, etc. ? And, the war time dresses...I've had at least 4 that I purchased with the story attached that it was worn to meet a homecoming sweetheart...coming home from the war. I even had a blue dress that was worn to get married in, then worn out to their wedding dinner only to be put away upon hearing the worst only 8 months later. So you see, saving these beautiful items, preserving them, and allowing someone to once again live in them and enjoy them, it's very special to me. They all have a story and they all have stories that are coming. To me, vintage is the past, the present and the future."

I am truly in love with this store. I have always loved the fashions of the 40's and 50's. Linda has so much to select from! I spotted a unique 1940's Vintage Blossom Hat. It is black felt with sequin design and a felt bow on each side. Next was an Antique Victorian Dress. The dress is so beautiful. Yellow in color with black lace trim, it is a must see! My last find was a 1940's R and K Original Swing Dress. It is a beautiful brown and coral color. The dress features 3/4 sleeves and brown cord trim at the neck. A really great find!

Starting the end of August, Linda will be listing some terrific Fall, Winter and Holiday vintage garments. Check out her entire store at

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