Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vintage Feature #4 - TrunkofPrettys

One look at this shop and I am back to childhood again! It's like hitting the vintage toy jackpot!
First of all, there is a section all its own of just vintage Strawberry Shortcake and lots of it is in it's original packaging! One of my favorites of the Strawberry Shortcake collection is the mint condition Butter Cookie doll in original packaging with jelly bear from 1981.

If you love Pac-Man, Mindy also has multiple listings of items featuring one of our favorite video game characters. I found the glass and tumbler set especially charming. Last but not least, I guess I have a fondness for Holly Hobbie items and did not truly realize it. She has an awesome porcelain bell from 1976.

The inspiration and many items for this shop started with a wooden trunk Mindy's uncle made her. Her shop description tells this :
"Trunk of Prettys is inspired by a collection of neat stuff that I collected in a wooden trunk that my uncle made for me. Inside this trunk, which I guarded with my life, were fun things such as erasers, stickers, strawberry shortcake, vintage dolls, hello kitty (and anything kawaii) and many other wonderful pretty stuff. One of my favorite things was to open my trunk, go in and reorganize and rearrange things. My shop will reflect this trunk..."

Not only does she have this great vintage shop, she also has a great shop featuring her original art at http://

Be sure to visit both shops, you won't be disappointed!


  1. Wow, what a treasure trove!!!! And what a very talented artist she is :)

  2. Cool - I can almost smell strawberry scented plastic with the mere mention of strawberry shortcake! I loved ss. I had a little ss decal on the corner of my eyeglasses when I was around 10 years old. hehe