Friday, August 21, 2009

Double the treasures! - Cabinwindows and Northernlodge

Cabinwindows and Northernlodge are two wonderful shops on Etsy that I am was so excited to discover, but let's get to know their owner Patti first.

I asked Patti about herself, here are some random facts:

"1) I am a Biologist in my real life. My dad was a naturalist before it was cool to be one-so we were all raised to be stewards of our planet-so that is one reason why I try to create or sell responsibly. I've been exploring using upcycled wools in my pillows (kitty love pillow, and Harvest series pillows on Northernlodge are examples. selling antiques or vintage things has less impact on our planet's resources.

2)I grew up on an island in the middle of Rainy lake. We lived in cabins with no electricity or running water-so simple has always resonated with me

3)I love antique collecting because you learn so much doing the research about items you find-I live in old cabin-built in 1926-which I've decorated with vintage/antiques I use ALL my antiques daily-nothing is "just for looks"

4)I donate a large portion of what I make to our relatives on Pine Ridge Indian reservation-times are tough there."

Cabinwindows features great vintage items. As the shop description says:
"Peek into cabin windows and see what wonderful treasures await you. Cabin Windows is full of vintage items with plenty of primitive appeal." I love the collection of vintage in Cabinwindows and quickly found two favorites. The Rose Vase with matching plate is simply beautiful. The detail and colors give it a true victorian feel. The Retro Tablecloth is a must for any retro decor. The turquoise, brown, and gold colors in the floral pattern are still so vivid.

Northernlodge features vintage, antiques, lodge, primitive, seasonal,and spiritual items . Many of the items here reflect Patti's love of nature. I simply love her "Where the Wild Things Are" 3pc. set! The set features a quilt, bib, and sleeper. The one picture has a wolf theme, but she can also make it with with almost any animal track requested-to include moose, deer, cougar, coyote, cat, dog, name it. This is truly a special handmade set! Northernlodge also has many beautiful afghans. My favorite is the Ecru boucle afghan. Just looking at it makes me want to cuddle up on the couch!
To find more great items besides these I've mentioned, visit : and


  1. many thanks for viewing my shops, and to 3 Maries for this special blog.


  2. I love Patti! She is truely a special person. Her love of nature is evident in everything she creates
    Anita - Rolling Hills Vintage