Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hi all!

Changes and updates to the The3Maries:

I have opened a shop on Zibbet. It will stock my photography and original art. You can go to my shop by clicking on the cute banner below:)

I am very excited about this expansion.

I am also revamping my Artfire shop, it was just too mixed up. I am trying to streamline it now and give it a cleaner look. You can check out the changes starting by clicking the Artfire banner below.

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

Still loving Etsy and trying to improve my two shop there:

What's new with your shops? I would love to hear about it and share it here on my blog! Contact me through any of my shops:)


  1. Wow! Your Zibbet shop looks nice - the set up is strangely familiar to Etsy. How does Zibbet work? I had not heard much about it.

    Right now, the biggest changes I have done to my Etsy shop, JOYful D*Sign, are to add a new Section called $10 Seaglass Earrings and to scale back on the number of announcements.

    Then I have done lots of little maintenance types of things. I have been cleaning up my photos as I have had time and going back to add my shop name to tags as well as my shop website to all product descriptions. I am also changing my product titles to more descriptive titles versus "cute or creative" titles as suggested in a recent Etsy newsletter to enable better product searches.

  2. I have thought about expanding beyond etsy a few times but it often seems like etsy is already an extremely time extensive enterprise and I'm not sure I am willing to take on another! How do you like artfire and zibbet?

  3. I have been most successful in my Etsy shops. I have had the Artfire account for eight months and haven't made a sale. I blame a lot of that on myself as I concentrated on my Etsy shops and neglected my Artfire one. I am giving it to it's one year anniversary now since I have begun revamping it and then decide it's future.

    Just getting started on Zibbet. It's a fairly new site, so we will see how it works.