Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cappy Sue

It's been a while since I have had a feature, but this one is a gem:)

Cappy Sue is an artist. Truly an artist. She has an eye for the unusual. Cappy also has an eye for beauty that most wouldn't catch at first glance. I am amazed at her creative spirit.

Let's get to know her in her own words:

"I am 31 and happily married. All my kids are the furry kind. I create my work mostly from my dreaming which I have every night and are very vivid. Most would think of them as nightmares but for me I find inspiration there.

I love to laugh more than any thing so often my work takes a comical turn trying to spread that laughter.

My hobbies are a little odd to. I spend my free time reading random weird books and listening to music. My music is any thing from 1920s rare recordings of Shine on Harvest Moon to AC/DC to Adele truly I have yet to find a kind of music I don't like. Other than that I have little collections my current favorites are Mary statues in all sizes from the 3 inch plastic to a foot tall concrete. I am working on a spot for them all in my art cave.

In my shop I have so much stuff straight from my heart. My favorites would have to be Night of Haunting because it was my first item on the front page of Etsy.
I also like Mourning Mermaid because some thing is so sad about her and I see some thing beautiful in that.
I am also fond of the Plus Size bracelet because it was my first big try at making jewelry and I thought it came out well."

I am love to browse Cappy Sue's shops and see what new inspiration has struck her. There is something for everyone's tastes!

Cappy has four wonderful Etsy shops. In one you will find all her wonderful art creations, in the second you will find some of the coolest clay creations around, the third houses her vintage treasures, and the fourth is a supply shop for your creative needs.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my shops and me your very kind and I truly apreciate it. Your just a sweetheart. Thank you bunches.