Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have discovered a wonderful jewelry shop with top quality items at truly affordable prices! BusyBeadLady is a shop full of treasures!

Let's find out some more about the owner:

"It was 1984 when I first met my husband.

Sometime in the next year, my sister-in-law called to say she would like to visit us. I had never met any of my husband's relatives, had not even talked to them on the phone. So I scrubbed the house during the day and lost sleep worrying at night. Would I like her? Would we have anything in common?

She arrived and I liked her immediately. She and my husband reminisced, I politely listened and learned all I could about this man I had come to love. Then he went to bed! She and I talked till 3:00AM!

The next day, as we talked more, she went to her luggage and removed a needle, some thread and all these tiny beads which I later learned were seed beads.

That was the day I found another love. It has been a slow, sweet and obsessive romance with the beads. A twisted, crimped up necklace strung on fishing wire, findings that turn your neck green, stringing a bracelet only to find I didn't use enough thread! Stalking beads wherever I could find them. Selling at craft shows in the rain. Craft shows in the wind. Craft shows in the heat.

But all these years later, I still love to sit in my work room and learn new things, adapt new ideas, find new materials and bead."

I love all her jewelry but chose three different items for this feature. First there is the Teal Heart Pendant. It is a delicate and really feminine necklace. The color is stunning. A glass heart pendant dangles from a gold tone bail.

Next the Vintage Pop Art earrings caught my eye. These are post earrings. They are made of brass and have enamel painting on the front. They are very pop art, as we would have said in the 60's. Each drop piece is quite different from each other, but they go together in a fun way.

Lastly there is the Daisy Yellow Nugget Bracelet. It looks like nuggets of sunshine to me. This bracelet is sure to brighten up your day!

To find all these great pieces and more visit You won't be disappointed!

Also don't forget her second store:

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  1. What a great story!! Two super shops full of goodies :0)