Monday, October 5, 2009


Punkscrapper's Shop is wonderful! She makes everything from felt coffee cozies to custom artwork.

I asked Julie to tell us a little more about herself, this was her response:

"I have always loved to do artistic stuff, as kids my sister and I didn't have a tv and so we spent our afternoons drawing, painting, putting on plays/skits and creating forts...etc. My sister was my first and best art teacher ;)

I wanted to be a fashion designer all throughout jr high and high school but when it came right down to it...I didn't do real well in home economics! Im really not a gifted seamstress! So I studied the next best thing...psychology! Haha! I really loved college but missed out on the artistic side of things. I have always wanted to do my artwork as my full time job. When I met and married my husband he encouraged me to take a leap of faith and do etsy. He has been my greatest encourager! Long story short(er) here I am...a starving artist working hard and loving every single second of it!

I draw inspiration from a lot of family and friends are an ongoing source as well as many of the 'greats' in literature and film... Tim Burton, Roald Dahl, Eyvind Earle and Mary Blair (Disney artists from the 50s), Edward Gorey, Lewis Carroll...and the list could go on and on and on! I love the mixture of whimsy and darkness that many of these talented artists/authors/etc mastered!

I love treasure hunting at thrift and vintage stores! My husband and I do this often! I love music and catch concerts as often as we can afford it (my favorite band is U2)! I enjoy drawing so much because it gives me a chance to create my own little I would have to say that my drawings in my shop are my favorite items...right now probably the What's Done is Done print and the Candy Girls series of prints."

I love the items in her shop! I actually own one of her original drawings and a set of prints! The drawing I own is the Gumdrop Girl from her Candy Girls series. It reminds me of sweets, Halloween, and Edward Scissorhands all in one! Her artwork is awesome!

Julie's feltwork items are terrific also. She makes all different themes of felt coffee cozies and felt embellished tea towels. My favorite cozies right now are the Holiday ones. You have a choice of five designs: a reindeer, a star, an ornament, holly, or a tree. These dress up your coffee cup nicely!

My favorite set of tea towels are her Jack Skellington ones. I love Nightmare before Christmas!
Jack Skellington's face just jumps off those black towels! She has other seasonal ones also.

Visit to find all this great stuff and more!

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