Wednesday, October 7, 2009


For wonderful and unique crochet items, you must visit Sosorosey!

Let's fine out a little more about Jennie, the shop owner:

"Grandma Copeland taught me the fine art of crochet when I was 10, and I have been "hooked" ever since. Doing the math, it appears that I have been at it for over 75% of my life! Zoiks!

Crocheting with different materials and textures of string and yarn, and matching or combining them with strips of unique fabrics really gets my creative juices flowing!

I have always had a love affair with vintage linens, and now I have an opportunity to reinvent some of my very imperfect old treasures while maintaining their original beauty. Please note that no intact vintage linens are ever harmed in the making of my bowls, bags, and eclectica!

Attention to detail (including an OCD-like perfectionism in every stitch!) is my specialty."

I think it's neat to see what items are the shop owners favorites. Here are some of Jennie's:

Obviously Jennie has great taste and great skill at her craft! I found a few favorites too! The Infant Nest looks awesome! The upcycled snuggle nest™ is super soft, sturdy, and versatile; it stretches to fit larger babies, and *scrunches* for the smaller peanuts. It can be used inside out for a different look, and the ends can easily be smoothed in for a more rounded look. This is a terrific photography prop!

Her Star Ornaments are classics! I love the ones in the cottage colors! The robin's egg blue, pink and ecru give a sweet punch of color! Stars measure 2.5" point to point, with an additional length of cotton added for hanging.

The Sheet scarf is so unique! This was the first time for me to see these! The scarf is made from a cotton jersey knit bed sheet! This is wonderful upcycling! The blue color is so pretty too!

Jennie has so many things to see! Visit and her vintage shop

Check out her blog also at!


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful feature! I am very impressed with your writing, and touched by your kindness. xo Jennie