Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sketchbook Studio Art

"To draw, you must close your eyes and sing." Pablo Picasso

This quote comes from Sketchbook Studio Art's profile.

At Sketchbook Studio Art you will find a collection of whimsical and realistic watercolors including flowers, landscapes, figurative work, animals, and children. Watercolor greeting cards are also available which can be framed as a small work of art for home, office or special occasions.

Leslie's work is wonderful. I love all her paintings! I did select a few to showcase for this feature though. The Ballerina Girls is a very warm and colorful painting. To me it captures a moment of anticipation of waiting to dance perfectly! The young ballerinas look adorable in their bows and matching tutus!

The Dalmatian Puppies is a great painting! She highlighted the cuteness of the little pups just right! Makes you want to take the puppies and the painting home!:) I love the softness of the puppies and their bed and the dark blue background makes them stand out even more!

I love architecture. The Up North painting is a wonderful display of a beautiful Victorian style home. The yellow is so cheerful and the landscape of greenery and flowers just pops off the paper.

Beginning October 1, Leslie is going to be including a holiday gift bag and tissue paper with each purchase. The gift bag will have a copy of one of her paintings (holiday theme) attached to the front of it. This is an awesome bonus !

Stop by and see all of Leslie's beautiful work!

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