Sunday, September 20, 2009


"We believe true cowgirl style and spirit lives a little in every woman. We believe that for over 100 years real cowgirl style has never gone out of fashion.

Buck the rules and may you always find the path of happy trails!"

You will find this statement in Kelly's shop announcement! Boy is it true! Cowgirljunk is a wonderful vintage shop with very interesting items.

First let's get to know a little more about Kelly via an excerpt from her profile:

"I'm a native Southern California girl!
Raised riding horses and spending whatever time I wasn't riding, at the beach.
Needless to say these two lifestyles influence me the most regarding my personal style and creativity.

I'm an old soul and vintage is a true passion.

I've been very active in Greyhound rescue, horse rescue and I support Surfers Healing a Foundation for Autism.

The vintage bridles, bits and rosettes are my favorite items."

The vintage Pickle Caster caught my attention. It is beautiful! It has a wonderful amber pattern glass insert. The fans both open and closed accent the top. The tongs are highly decorated as well with bird foot ends. Circa. 1870 - 1890

Her Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are awesome! They are an awesome pair! You just have to see these!

The Vintage 1970's Men's Hawaiian Shirt is in near mint condition! The fabric is a great print. This is one great find!

Cowgirljunk offers so much more than the few items I have mentioned. Drop by and see for yourself

Don't forget to check out Kelly's other shop too,


  1. Great blog those raggedy ann dolls are cute I am on my way to check out her shop.

    Comment & follow my blog back?

  2. Yay, I just bought a cowgirl sequined shirt this week!

  3. those raggedy anne and andy dolls bring back memories!