Tuesday, September 1, 2009


For great made to order signs, Thehomespunraven is the place to shop! Each sign can be painted in the colors of your choice.

Tracy, the shop owner, is a nice friendly seller. She is the working mother of two girls, ages 5 and 8. Her products are made individually with great attention to detail, and she also does custom orders if customers have something they want made up. For custom orders contact Tracy through Etsy or her website at www.thehomespunraven.com.

The options for sign choices in endless! I choose a couple for Grandparents Day and one for the Fall/Halloween season. The Rich and Famous frame is wonderful! It features the saying "I May Not be Rich and Famous, but I do have Priceless Grandchildren". The frame is featured in the shop with as black with white writing,but it can be done in any color combination. The "Nana and Papa Zone" sign lets parents know just where they stand! I love it! This is truly a great sign for any grandparent. Lastly, the "Black Cats Howling" sign is a great one for display for Halloween! This pine sign has been painted blue and features ivory lettering with black decorative scene. You need to see this one!

These are just a small sample, see all the great signs at http://thehomespunraven.etsy.com.


  1. Lovely feature. I love the grandparents sign too. I am a grandparent and that is very cute.
    I will check out her shop now.

  2. Great feature. Adorable signs.I am off to check out her shop!!!

  3. Cute signs!

    Thanks for posting on my Blog Blast thread!

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