Monday, September 7, 2009


Iluvlucy8 is an awesome vintage seller, but also a very talented artist and crafter too. Marsha's shop is full of all kinds of vintage goodies. From great household items to awesome vintage clothing. Iluvlucy8 also features some of Marsha's handiwork too.

Don't you want to get to know Marsha better? I do! I borrowed an excerpt from her shop profile to enable us to do just that:

"My life is faith, husband, children, art, and photography. I like simple fanciful beautiful things.
I try to live the fairytale. I am a cockeyed optimist. After 43 years, my dreams are important to me.
I run my little shop in order to make Christmas Money for my very large family (8 children, one grandchild).

Digital art is my other obsession besides vintage"

I think every vintage lover/collector has some Pyrex. Marsha has the coolest set of Nesting Bowls in a cool green color called Verde. The color is very 1960's. There are four different sizes. I felt like I had discovered a beautiful treasure when I saw the Vintage Tumbled Garnet Brooch. It is a pretty, yet unusual piece. I love cookbooks, I love books, so my last choice was a no brainer. The "Meals of Many Lands" children's cookbook is one I had never seen before now. There are full menus from China, Scandinavia, Italy, Russia, Mexico and America. It also tells children how to set a table. This is very cool little cookbook!

Visit to find all these wonderful treasures! To find jewerly like the photo above and lots of cool digital art visit Marsha's second shop at

****Special discount for The3Maries readers! 20% off your order if you mention the blog!


  1. I love vintage and I love lucy too !

  2. Marsha has fun and loves to share her knowledge on the Vintage forum.Thanks for highlighting her.

  3. Love this! Vintage bliss!


  4. wow - i sure wish i had saved my pyrex bowls from the mid-70's! ha! who knew they would be so valuable today? and really darling jewelry, too. thanks for introducing me to her shop. :)

  5. Wonderful article for a fabulous shop and shop owner. 3maries, I love your blog.

  6. Ahhh, you all are so sweet!!! Thank you Jennifer! I had a bad day and this made me feel so much better. :)