Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My late grandmother was an avid quilter. She did beautiful work. I have found a shop that features beautiful quilted works, felting and knitted items.
Quiltedbabe does it all!

In her own words, let us learn a little more about Becky:

"My mom and grandmother were both wonderful seamstresses. There wasn't anything they couldn't make or alter. I have inhereted all the quilts from generations gone by. Because of finances they never got into the intricate quilting, but I have 2 pieces that are probably from my great grandmother that are very interesting. I really think it is an art from the soul, but then maybe others think that about there art as well. I know most pieces are an emotional experience for me. When I quilt I wonder how long this quilt will be in a family. Who will us it and who will treasure it, etc..."

The Courthouse Steps Patchwork Quilt is the item that led me Becky's shop. The quilt measures 85" X 67". It features a multitude of pretty colors and wonderful fabric prints. The quilting on the piece is Baptist Fan. The back is also quilted. It is a very beautiful quilt!

Quiltedbabe also features many other items other than quilts. The Glitzy Silver/Grey Scarf is one of a kind. Made from glitter yarn, this scarf measures 42" long X 4 1/2" wide. It is adorned with heart, butterfly and star for a unique effect. This scarf would be great for girls young and old! Becky also has many quilted holiday items in her shop. Her Scrappy Christmas stockings are very festive and would be a great addition to anyone's holiday decor.

So stop on by and see what handmade surprises await you!


  1. These are really neat! Thanks for sharing!