Sunday, September 6, 2009

Phillip C. Wells Photography

Beautiful Savannah , Georgia...

So many of Phillip's photographs capture the charm of this wonderful destination. Although I have never had the fortune of visiting this city, his photographs give me the feel of a virtual visit.

To get to know Phillip a little better I borrowed a
n excerpt from his profile:

"Currently I am a BFA candidate in graphic design and photography at Armstrong Atlantic State University.

I participate in a variety of artistic endeavors, including illustration, design, and photography.

Though I do enjoy photographing people, you'll find that most of my photos for sale are landscapes, and rarely include individuals. I find peace in the isolation of my photos. It is easy to fall into the routine of life, and I feel it's important to stop and observe its beauty.

It is my goal to articulate my vision to you in a tangible and effective way through my photography."

Now about his wonderful work! I am a sucker for the architecture of old buildings. Always have, always will be. The "Silvers on Broughton" captures the esscence of how buildings used to be constructed and a time gone by. This photo is available in a 22 by 7 panorama print.

"Unrelenting" just pulls you in. One can almost cool air as the sun goes down and a light breeze blows by. A truly beautiful shot available in three sizes and either matte or glossy finish.

My absolute favorite is Wormsloe. I love the trees of Savannah. Something about them has always drawn me in. This photograph captures them perfectly! This print is available in matte or glossy. You also have your choice of three different sizes.

Upon request, these photos can be printed on canvas and then stretched onto frames, and painted with a glossy or matte sealant to give the impression of a painting. Contact Phillip for more details about this service and to see all his great photography at


  1. beautiful! I love the 1st picture :-)

  2. I love the city and his photos definitely capture the beauty!