Tuesday, September 8, 2009


"Bring the luxury of the spa to your own home! Relax, have fun, browse around.... after all, it's Your Time!!"

The products are so beautiful at YourTimeBodyTreats that it almost seem like you could smell them through the computer screen! These are truly top notch bath and body products!

I asked Lata to tell us a little more about her shop and what were some of her favorite products she makes. This was her response:

"I'd have a hard time picking my favorite item, primarily because I try out everything first, and only list my favorites, and my family/friends favorites :-). If I were to narrow it down, I'd say these little slider tins with lip balm, maybe, since the tins are so retro and sweet, and the lip balm is the final result of much tweaking to get just the right balance of creaminess and providing long lasting protection for your lips.

Another favorite is my body butter, made with shea butter. Ever since I discovered shea butter, Chicago winters got just a bit more bearable :-) and I now use it in many of my products."

Lata makes her products in small batches to provide the utmost freshness. The shelf life for her all natural products is shorter than commercial products loaded with heavy duty preservatives. She uses the finest ingredients she can find; such as pure Shea butter, fresh honey from her local beekeepers and extra virgin olive oil from Italy. She buys organic and sustainable supplies wherever she can. Most products are completely vegan; the few exceptions that are not vegan because of the addition of goat's milk, honey or beeswax, are still vegetarian.

Every listing in Lata's store sounds great! The Cherry Gift Basket with Cherry Almond soap and body butter sounds heavenly! The Mint Chocolate Body Scrub had hidden attributes that I didn't know about! Did you know that chocolate is loaded with anti-aging vitamins and minerals, especially dark chocolate. Plus, the caffeine in cocoa is said to help reduce the appearance of cellulite? Great reason to use it! Along with the fact that it smells wonderful! The IHeartChocolate vegan soap sounds good enough to eat! The yummy chocolate soap has a top layer of creamy white chocolate soap over rich dark chocolate soap. It has a beautiful heart design atop it.

To find all these super fresh body products visit http://YourTimeBodyTreats.etsy.com. Also check out Lata's jewelry and vintage shop at http://yourtime.etsy.com.


  1. Wow, I kind of want to eat some of those items. :oP Very cool products!

  2. Very cool...thanks you for sharing. They look great.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my shop! If you'd like to treat yourself to something in my shop, and you saw me here on Jennifer's blog, let me know and I'll add a surprise gift :-)