Monday, September 21, 2009


StarGazingWoodElf features one of a kind handcrafted fantasy jewelry, costumes, clothing, and accessories. There are so many beautiful items in this shop!

First, let's get to know Victoria a little better. I asked her to tell the readers a little about herself, and this was her response:

"I started creating jewelry about 3-4 years ago, when I wanted a very specific piece, and could not find it anywhere! I eventually decided that it "couldn't be that hard, right?" After purchasing a few basic supplies, I gave it a try. The first piece was far from beautiful, but the inspiration it created was. I just had to create more... and more...and more, and then people started asking me where I got my jewelry.... and it grew into a legitimate reason to open an etsy shop :o) I really love Etsy!

My favorite hobbies are: Reading, Music, Making Jewelry, Designing and creating costumes, Sketching/Painting, Dancing, Practicing Originality, etc..... I love trying new things!

Well, I am the oldest in a family of 10 children…… That makes life interesting, but I loved it! I finished High School last year, and I’m working toward a Folk Art School hopefully in the next year or so."

One of my favorite pieces from Victoria's shop is also one of her favorites. The Elven Viking Pendant and Chain is truly beautiful. It is reminiscent of the Evenstar pendant, from Lord of the Rings, but with it's own flair. Looped and swirled silver tone wire forms the base, in a basic "V" shape, then additional swirls are added all along the length of it. Inside the center loops of wire are placed several little glass beads, to add a drop of color and visual interest. It would make a wonderful gift!

The Whisp of Imagination Elven Ring is wonderful. Silver tone wire has been carefully wrapped into a circle, wound about with wire of a finer gauge, twisted, wrapped and detailed. Swirls and two coordinating beads add color and character.

The Assym style Dance Dress is a must see. It is an one of a kind outfit by Victoria Dunnaway for StarGazingWoodElf. The two piece set includes a handkerchief skirt and a Assym cut halter style top. This set is beautiful, dainty, and feminine. You just have to see it!

I own a bracelet made by Victoria. It is stunning and is made with the utmost care and skill. It has become one of my favorite bracelets!

To see all these beautiful items visit

****10% off to any The3Maries readers if they mention the blog at checkout!!

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Great blog. :) This is Rebeccah from the shop Schaufenster. You wrote me to ask if you could feature my shop and I would find that just dandy. Please let me know if you have any questions and/or when the post is up. Thanks!