Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lost River Rags

For a great selection of body pampering products you must visit LostRiverRags! They feature scrumptious soaps, lotions, and other great body products!

Let's get to know a little more about the shop per an excerpt from their profile:

We specialize in creating Hand-Poured Goat's Milk Soap...which is FREE of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS ) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)! We use the purest fragrance oils, goat's milk, and glycerin to create this perfect soap for you. Our Goat's Milk Soap is a great moisturizer, keeping your skin silky smooth all year long, even during those winter months.

We also create Hand-Poured Soy Wax candles! Soy wax not only burns on average of 12 hours longer than a parrafin candle, they are also clean burning! No SOOT!!! Our wicks are 100 PERCENT COTTON!!!!

Lost River Rags & CandlesLights was all started in the little town of Lost River, West Virginia. Now, six years later, we reside in Broadway, VA where we've carried our business on!

We are a husband and wife team who create our products right out of our home! We've dedicated a room just for creating our bath & body projects! We love working together and creating our luxurious products just for you!"

With all the wonderful scents it's hard to choose just a few items! The Pomegranate Mango Swirl Soap caught my attention just by it's appearance! It is hand rolled, so no two are alike! The smell of pomegranate and mango just seems like a warm summer day! The beautiful shades of orange and pink are eye catching too!

The Sandlewood Fleur De Leis soap is made with goats milk. It is another of LostRiverRags beautiful soaps. These soaps are not only wonderfully scented but are really great to look at! This soap is a very soft, musky, earthy scent. All bars of soap come with a silky matching tie and an official Lost River Rags and CandleLights hang tag with complete ingredients listed inside. On the inside left of the tag there is a place where you can write who its To and whom its From. A GREAT GIFT IDEA!

LostRiverRags also has a line of soy candle. The Hot Apple Pie would have to be my favorite of these! There just something about the comfort of smelling fresh apples baking! There are many , many scents to choose from. They are in a special flat mason jar.

To find all these wonderful items visit http://LostRiverRags.etsy.com.

You can also find them on their blog at:


  1. You are SO RIGHT!
    I have shopped LOST RIVER RAGS for 2 years, and I love their little sheepies. Every time I start to run low, I simply give them a shout and tell them what scent I am in the mood for now. This week it is 3 breast cancer soaps and 1 lilac sheepie. While i am waiting to use up the last of the old bar, my new bar is senting my delicates drawer. Roc on LOST RIVER RAGS....Laurie in VA

  2. thru the etsy forums i have just discovered lostriverrags - absolutely beautiful soaps, etc. wonderful recommendation!

  3. Thanks so much you guys! I really appreciate your comments!!!

  4. I love the jelly-roll look of the pomegranate mango soap!