Monday, September 14, 2009

Green Attic Vintage

Green Attic Vintage features birch bark lamp shades, toothbrush rag rugs, vintage and rare books, kids books and magazines, and vintage collectibles. There is lots to see and discover in this shop!

First, let's get some background on Tita, the shop owner. I asked her to tell us a little about herself and this was her response and an excerpt from her profile bio:

"In the summer, my sister and I have an interesting life on an island in the north woods of Minnesota. So far this year, we have had encounters with two bears, a deer swimming right in front of the porch, a family of beavers, a big brown rabbit, lots of birds, and two large snakes that live in the rocks by the house. We have trained the eagles to come to a rock in front of the house; when they see the kayak, they know that fish trimmings are coming and they usually fly to the rock right away! I asked the local eagle expert and he said eagles indeed can learn things like this rather quickly; we have been doing this for a number of years now. You can be as close as about 20 feet from them. It does make it interesting trying to mail things I have sold if the winds are bad and I can't get across the lake to the post office.

We are two sisters who are retired school teachers and avid re-users and recyclers for the past 45 years! We are preparing to move to smaller retirement places, so you will find antiques and collectibles which have been in our family for many years. We also love to discover great old things to pass along to people who appreciate well made vintage. Remember the days when you could get things made in the USA? Buying vintage, you still can!

We like to craft things out of birch bark, and you will find lampshades and other items crafted from trees felled by beavers in the north woods. No trees are killed to make our items.

We believe in saving our planet by buying green, buying vintage, shipping with recycled material whenever we can, and living lightly on the earth."

Green Attic Vintage has some really cool copies of Jack and Jill Magazine. They have five copies from 1946! I've included a picture of the one "Daddy Home from the War".

The Antique Sternauware ceramic tray with four coasters is so unique! This comes from Tita's grandmother's cabin in the North Country. She started cottaging in 1916 and enjoyed many many happy summers in the cottage on the lake. Time has come for Tita and her sister to find new homes for some of the many things that have been in the family for decades. The hand painted vintage trinket box is also a wonderful find! It was made in Japan and features a beautiful floral pattern.

Stop by and check out all these wonderful things and more!

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